Busy day

Yesterday was our final day in the mansion. I took a day off from work so in the morning we cleaned up everything: dusting and hovering and mopping. It was a pretty hot thing to do and taking a shower was kind of useless because ten minutes after the sweat was poring down everywhere leaving you all sticky and hot again but perhaps the smell was somewhat better.

Behang van Piet Boon
After that we walked Fred and went home with all our stuff we had moving into the mansion mainly consisting of clothes and left-overs from the fridge. At home we had to put that all away again in our not completely done kitchen. Our house could fit easily four times in the mansion, but it is good to be back. After our belated breakfast, we went to town to take a look at some wallpaper books. I am looking for that kind of wallpaper I posted some days ago for in the hall, of those wooden planks with the blistering paint. But what I found was not quite it and the one I like - that of Piet Boom - I find too expensive: about EUR 199,- per roll. And I need two. So that's a lot of money. But when you look at it, it is really REAL. Very good High Quality image of a blistered wall. I have to reconsider it.

Then we went to Riviera Maison to just look at some furniture or ideas, especially for my dining table where I need new chairs. I have never bought new chairs for my dining table, never ever, and the chairs I have now are very old and not very comfortable. I think it is time to buy some real chairs. But again it is the cost that keeps me from doing it. Now I have seen some really nice ones and I really think of buying those. And then I think: should I buy them now or wait. They won't get any cheaper...

In the afternoon we stopped by a bathroom specialist where we were before some weeks ago, but now to have some estimated prices to know where we stand. We made the choices in tiles and bathroom furniture and because our constructor is starting with our bathroom end of this month - hopefully - we have to start in choosing what we want and in the end order it. It looks very nice on paper, but I still dread the time up ahead. 

Monday they start with the floor so on sunday evening we have to move the Boretti stove and the refrigerator. I wasn't thinking when I made the appointment because now I cannot use the stove for a whole week. So how do I cook? The only thing I can do is make more food these next days so I have left overs to heat up in the microwave, which is still outside. Now that I hear the weather will not be so nice anymore next week, I can't cook outside. Fortunately I have water, I have my kitchen - partly - and I can sit inside while eating. I'll manage... again...

I did not sleep very well last night in my own bed. In the middle of the night we heard two loud bangs and we still do not know what it was. It sounded like shots of a gun, but since that would be extremely strange, I do not think that it were gunshots. Here in the Netherlands it is not common to have guns in the house, like it is common in the US or Finland. And it was strange to sleep in your own bed again, warmer, darker. And of course we had a busy day yesterday and today again a busy day: for me working and then in the afternoon to bring a carpet to my mother. So it consumes quit a big part of your day, but this weekend we finally can do what ever we like. We don't have to babysit a dog or a house, but we can perhaps start painting the closet if it stays dry or collect some brambles who are ripe now. 

So today I feel tired and look forward to my weekend at home. Hopefully a good one.

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