Weekend adventures

When I left the house this morning, this guy who would finish the floor was busy putting on a layer of primer. It had no use to linger, so I went to work and so did Jan. I am quit anxious to see the result later today. 

Again we had a busy weekend. Time flies when you're having fun.... On Saterday the first thing we did was picking up the skirting boards for the living. Normally we do not touch our cars in the weekends, but this time we had no choice. After that we went to the nursery (or garden centre, do not know exactly what word is common) because my flowers on my roof terrace seemed so sad and nearly deceased so I bought myself some new flowers, geraniums, and also some new plants for the living. It is nice to be back home again.

Unfortunately the furniture had to be moved again because we had to fix the skirting boards and although they were prefab, the corners took a lot of time to do it properly. We could not finish them all, because the kitchen floor is not done yet so to be continued next week.

Later that day we put on our long trousers and boots, took our bikes and a lot of plastic canisters and biked to the 'park' to pick brambles. They weren't all ripe yet and some still very very green and small, but nevertheless we came home with four liters of brambles. We cleaned them, all these small insects in-between the fruit drowned and then we froze them. Not all together but kind of one by one. And when frozen put them in plastic bags to be used in smoothies or other kinds of meals.

Yesterday we started with running our sunday run in a humid and still quit warm weather. I had a headache - don't know what caused that - so I had a bit of a struggle to make it the whole 6 km I ran. It does not happen often but afterwards I was exhausted and my head was a red as a beetroot and felt tired the whole day. Still I was pretty active with doing the garden flowers, dyed my hair, did my nails - just removing the nail polish from my toes - and helped with re-placing the furniture. The headache did not bother my that much but I drank a lot of water during the day and perhaps that helped.

As I am not that kind of a lady, my nails now look pretty black and worn out because of the brambles and dirt, but they'll grow back again and will be cleaner tomorrow. In the meantime don't look at them...

Still one week of holidays to go here in this part of the Netherlands. Next week it won't be so quiet anymore in the mornings. And before you know it the summer is over and only a memory. This summer was not a summer to remember, because of my renovation. Or perhaps it will just because of that. A rememberable summer, to be forgotten real quick. 

But also good news about the renovation: I ordered some new chairs for my dining table. Finally. I made the decision. Now I have to wait for them to be delivered. In spite of them being in stock, in takes about two weeks to deliver them. 

In the meantime I feel a bit restless because of everything that happens in the world. First this tragic accident with the MH17, then Irak and the never ending issues in the Gaza. It's nothing but bad news and I tend to get a bit depressed by it. I think I stop looking at the news in the evening. It does not help me and I can't do anything to stop this madness people do to themselves and the world. I am always afraid it will come to us eventually and then what? So I act like an ostrich and put my head way down deep in the dirt and try not to hear it and hope it'll pass...

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